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Forget Tall Girl Problems & #WearTheHeels

At Alloy Apparel, we make fashion for tall women because we believe you deserve to celebrate your body and wear clothing that makes you feel like the queen you are. Being tall is your destiny. Despite certain tall girl problems, your height makes you stand out from the crowd (sometimes literally!) and we believe it’s …

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Luckily for tall women, gendered attitudes about height in dating may be shifting.
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Tall Women: Are Men Attracted or Intimidated?

Tall, short, curvy or not, no woman needs a scientific study to prove that the dating scene can be rough. As much as we strive to make good first impressions, donning our chicest tall women’s apparel on every first date to show off the best versions of ourselves, the art of romance can also bring …

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Seven Shopping Problems Only Tall Girls Have

When you’re a tall babe, your height is one of your fiercest assets. We wouldn’t trade our sexy stature for anything, but shopping for tall women’s clothing can be a challenge. While your friends try on every cute outfit in the store, you’re often left with a more limited selection. Sleeves are too short, pants …

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Tall Girl Spotlight

Alloy Curve

We are so excited to announce our collab with one of our favorite fashion bloggers, Allison McGeneva. We’ve asked her to review the new Alloy Apparel Plus & Curvy line. We recognize that gorgeous comes in all shapes and sizes, which is why we’ve started Alloy Curve. We’re so happy to hear Allison loved the …

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Famous Women Who Are Taller Than Their BFs

One of the biggest struggles of being a tall woman is the lack of tall men out there… like seriously, where are they hiding? Not all of us are lucky enough to find a great man that’s also tall. We here at Alloy think woman should be allowed to tower over their man. If you …

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