As a tall girl, it's easy to forget that your height is actually a fashion ideal for many women.

When the #TallStruggle is Real, Remember These Tall Girl Perks

Okay, maybe you don’t need us to tell you why being a tall babe is the best. After all, you get to continuously crush it in skinny jeans and tall maxi dresses, or whatever else makes you feel gorgeous. But we’ll also be the first to admit that shopping as a tall lady can be a real drag. The world doesn’t always measure up to your standards, whether it’s pants size or dating.

That’s why we’re here with a few tall girl perks to remind you why being you is amazing.

Perk #1: For many, “tall” is a fashion ideal.

Stop us if you’ve heard this one: “You’re so tall, you should be a model!” As annoying as it can be for people to constantly comment on your height, try to hear the compliment – and the truth – embedded in that thought. Looking at runways, you’d think all fashion were fashion for tall women. There’s even tons of advice out there to help shorter and average-height ladies “dress taller”.

And as a tall girl, you can pull off so many fashion trends. Far from being overwhelmed by excess fabric or bulky shapes, your figure has enough height to handle pretty much any piece, from flare jeans to tall maxi dresses. Admit it: You look fab in everything!

Perk #2: In dating, you weed out the haters.

Any lady who doesn’t fit an ideal “type” knows dating, and dating apps, can be a struggle. Preferences are one thing, but app filters and straight-up insecurities can make guys write you off for shallow reasons – including height. This can make the dating world seem like an uninviting place for tall babes.

The upshot, though, is that you’re spared a ton of wasted time (and potential heartache). Why would you even want to date a guy who would write you off because you’re taller than him? With superficial or incompatible matches out of the way, you can focus on guys who will stick around because of who you are, not filter you out because of your inseam.

Although, hey – if long legs are someone’s thing, you’ve definitely got that covered too.

At least when you're tall, you can always reach the top shelf!

Perk #3: You totally slay at sports, concerts, and high shelves.

You may not be little, but sometimes it IS the little things that count when it comes to battling the #tallgirlstruggle.

Need to reach that super high shelf? No standing on tip-toes for you. Have a sudden urge to join your company’s intramural volleyball team? Nailed it. And that shoulder-dodging shuffle all your short friends do at concerts and movie theaters? Yeah, not a thing for you. (Sorry not sorry!)

Perk #4: Being tall makes you fierce.

We’re serious! As a tall girl, you’ve probably commanded respect from an early age. If you’ve been tall most of your life, people may have treated you as though you were older than you were, allowing you to grow up a little faster and gain confidence many women have to fight for.

While this may come with the drawback of seeming “intimidating,” it also gives you power. People notice and listen to tall ladies, and sometimes even pay them more money. It may not be fair, but it is a silver lining.

Bonus: You’ve got Alloy on your team.

When you’re shopping one-size-fits-all fashion, it’s hard to remember how much your figure actually works in your favor. That’s why Alloy Apparel has your back with extra long jeans, tall blouses and loungewear, tall maxi dresses, and tons of other on-trend fashion for tall women. With us, your long legs are something to celebrate.

Being a tall girl isn’t always easy, but it can be fabulous. So next time you’re feeling down about ANOTHER pair of too-short pants, just call up some girlfriends, have them pick you up, and claim your rightful place in the passenger seat – because, duh, you need the leg room.

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