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Seven Shopping Problems Only Tall Girls Have

When you’re a tall babe, your height is one of your fiercest assets. We wouldn’t trade our sexy stature for anything, but shopping for tall women’s clothing can be a challenge. While your friends try on every cute outfit in the store, you’re often left with a more limited selection. Sleeves are too short, pants become capris, and  the “dress or top” debate becomes a true existential crisis. The struggle is real.

We get it. Tall troubles are too common in the fashion world, even when you’re shopping for tall women’s clothing online. Having more height than the average woman can feel very frustrating when you need new clothes and it feels like nothing fits.

Raise your hand if these seven shopping problems ever make you say #SAME:

  1. “One Size Fits All” Never Fits YOU

For real though, does “One Size Fits All” ever fit anyone? At least our shorter friends can always get their clothing hemmed or taken in, but when that one-size shawl looks more like a tea cozy on your torso, there’s not much you can do about it.

S/M/L/XL sizing doesn’t always fit, either. Small and medium sized clothes can be too short, while large and XL+ items might have the perfect length but end up too baggy. Even online calculators don’t help.

  1. You End Up Looking TOO Sexy

Okay, so this one isn’t always a problem. But sometimes we don’t want to emphasize the hotness of our height. If you’re having Sunday dinner with bae’s grandma or interviewing for your dream job, “sexy” might not be the right look.

Unfortunately, a conservative skirt or dress can still be too revealing when you’ve got the long legs of a queen. Tall women’s clothing often focuses more on pants and jeans, but at Alloy we’ve got dresses and more. Our online collection offers elegance for all occasions.

  1. Cute Socks Aren’t Optional

Every shopping trip requires a detour to the sock section. When it’s hard to find pants that are long enough, cute socks become crucial for your collection of tall women’s clothing. Being a tall babe teaches you to use your socks as tasteful accessories to cover exposed ankles.

Solid colors get old, so you quickly turn to bold patterns and unique designs to spice up your look. Luckily, cute socks are widely available and affordable.

  1. All Tees Become Crop Tops

T-shirts can cause a highly frustrating experience, especially if you’re shopping for tall women’s clothing online. You order the perfect vintage tee to match your new skinny jeans, but when it arrives, you realize it’s way too short. Sometimes, it feels like every t-shirt is a crop top.

Don’t get us wrong – crop tops can be super cute – but we don’t always want to flaunt our midriffs! You shouldn’t be afraid to lift your arms because your belly button might make a surprise appearance.

  1. Dress or Top: The Eternal Question

Which brings us to the greatest mystery in tall women’s clothing: dress or top? It’s the fashion roulette every tall woman has to play sooner or later. You find the perfect new dress for your next date night but it’s too short!

What’s a tall babe to do? Put it back, or wear it over jeans as a flowy peasant shirt? Sure, you’ll still look amazing if you wear it as a top, but why oh why couldn’t the skirt just be a little longer? *Sigh*

  1. Your Wrists Are Always Cold

It’s not just pants, t-shirts, and dresses that are too short. Long-sleeved tops and blouses are often just as challenging. It can feel like you’re wearing a shirt made for a doll. We encounter this problem a lot when we try to buy tall women’s clothing online from stores that don’t specialize in long-limbed ladies.

Sure, you can always roll up your cuffs and go for an intentional 3/4 sleeve look, but that just leaves your poor wrists even more exposed. Winter can be even crueler when there’s a gap between your jacket sleeves and your gloves.

  1. Looking In Mirrors Becomes a Workout

Thankfully, this one isn’t a problem when you’re shopping for tall women’s clothing online, but we’ve encountered more than our share of dressing room mirrors that are just too short to see our entire bodies.

To get the full effect of an outfit, you often end up crouching — and by the end of the day, it can feel like you’ve been doing bootcamp squats! Um, no thanks.

Alloy’s Got You Covered

If these shopping problems sound familiar, don’t worry. Alloy’s got you covered — and we mean it, literally. We’ll cover your entire legs, arms, and midsection with our stylish apparel made exclusively for tall women like you. So say goodbye to tall girl shopping problems and say hello to the perfect fit.

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