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Tall Girl Spotlight: Samantha Schulz

Alloy Apparel is dedicated to empowering all tall babes to love their height and feel confident in who they are. We love the inspiring story of Samantha Schulz, who has found confidence and empowerment in who she is through her daily routine, career, and extracurriculars. 

About Samantha Schulz
“I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I’ve been tall for as long as I can remember and needless to say sports have always been a huge part of my life. You name it and I probably played it growing up! I obtained a full ride volleyball scholarship and played D1 at the University of Tulsa. I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing and a minor in Psychology. After graduation I headed out west to California. I moved to Los Angeles and started working at UCLA as a bedside nurse. I was at the bedside for 4 years and now I practice Clinical Case Management in general medicine at UCLA. I work closely with patients and physicians to assist with any discharge needs and education. I work full-time in medicine but my true passion still lies in health and fitness. My alarm goes off at 4 am every morning and I get my workout in before my long work day.
Once an athlete, always an athlete and the past few years I had really been searching for a more competitive outlet. I since have found another passion of mine- bodybuilding. I compete in NPC Bikini division and have done well at the National level for the past two years. My ultimate goal is to earn my Pro Card and make it to the IFBB (International Federation of Body Building) I think I would be the tallest girl in the league and I am a natural athlete too so it would just be really cool to represent women that way. I am very passionate about competing but genuinely if I never earned my card or never stepped on stage again I would still be living this lifestyle and training every day. I love the sport but I love the lifestyle even more. I recently starting taking on my own online training and coaching clients. Given my background in medicine and my love for health and fitness I really just want to continue to grow as an athlete in the hopes of using my knowledge and experience to help others find their fit life as well and truly inspire other tall women out there to rock those heels with confidence!”
Samantha’s Five Favorite Things About Her Height:
  1. My height has made me a great athlete and given me so many incredible opportunities due to my athleticism.
  2. Height demands respect and radiates authority.
  3. In heels– you can’t miss me! I believe my height has gotten me noticed in the past and I genuinely believe I have a positive message to spread and I’m grateful to feel my voice is heard. 
  4. I can eat more- a few extra pounds at this height usually goes unnoticed.
  5. What man doesn’t love LEGS FOR DAYS?!
Samantha’s Favorite Alloy Apparel Styles: 

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About Alloy Apparel:

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