Tall Girl Spotlight

Tall Girl Spotlight: Jenna Rosenthal

Alloy Apparel is dedicated to empowering all of our tall babes to live life to the fullest! We love how Jenna Rosenthal continues to put herself out there and challenges herself to learn something new. 

About Jenna Rosenthal
“I am Jenna Rosenthal, a 6’5” engineer by training, professional volleyball player by trade. Currently, I live and play in Stuttgart, Germany for the Deutschermeister (German Champion) team Allianz MTV Stuttgart, though my volleyball adventures have led me to four continents and at least thirteen countries with more to come. During the off season, I am proud to wear the red, white and blue to represent Team USA. 

When I’m not training or traveling, I’m usually trying to teach myself something new- be it cooking, photography, drawing, or sometimes just consuming content on whatever topic strikes my fancy be it historical, political or philosophical. I want to reach out and take all the world has to offer with a curious mind and open arms and hopefully, if I’m lucky, brighten others’ days along the way. 

I’m never afraid to put myself out there- life has given me many opportunities, yes, but I have had to step forward, be brave and TAKE those opportunities and chances. I don’t want to change the world. I want to change the way we SEE the world- life is what you make of it, and I want to get lost in the thrill of it all.”
Jenna’s Favorite Things About Her Height:
1. I will never just blend into the crowd.
2. I turn heads no matter where I go.
3. Rock concerts are way more fun when you’re six inches above the other people in the mosh pit.
4. I can hide things on high shelves.
5. Being tall has opened many doors in my volleyball career. (But I’ve still had to walk through those doors!)
Jenna’s Favorite Alloy Apparel Styles:
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About Alloy Apparel:

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