There's no one way to feel confident in your personal style.
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Five Tips for Feeling Gorgeous No Matter Your Style

Many women struggle with confidence in their personal style. We’ve all been there. At Alloy Apparel, we understand the challenges of being tall/curvy women whose bodies don’t always fit the standard mold. It can be more difficult to find clothing in sizes that fit us, not to mention fashion tips for tall and curvy women.

All women deserve to feel gorgeous, no matter your size, shape or style. Whether you’re frustrated with your current wardrobe or you just need an extra confidence boost, we’ve got you covered.

Follow these five tips, and soon you’ll feel like the strong, beautiful woman you are!

1. Define Your Personal Style

First, define your personal style. When you feel like your fashion expresses who you are, you’ll feel instantly more confident. It can often take time to discover your unique look, but this is just a great reason to have fun, experiment, and get creative. Do you love professional chic? Or what about a funky BoHo hipster vibe? There are endless styles to explore.

If you’re just beginning to discover your look, there are a few tips that can help. First, make Pinterest your new BFF. There’s a huge fashion community on Pinterest, and you’ll find lots of amazing wardrobe inspiration. You can also make a list of celebrities and public figures whose outfits you admire.

Then, imagine someone is describing your style – what words would you want them to use? Once you’ve clearly defined your personal style, you can begin to fill your closet with items that make you feel gorgeous.

2. Know Your Measurements

Next, learn your proper measurements. This is one of the most important fashion tips for tall women. Because there’s no uniform sizing for clothing among different brands, you can’t always trust the “8” or “10” on the inside of your jeans.

However, when you learn your measurement in inches, you’ll be able to refer to size charts and save a lot of time, especially if you shop online.

Once you know your measurements, you can also consider your body shape. Are you more of an apple, pear, straight, hourglass or somewhere in between? Understanding your measurements and body shape will help you buy pieces that flatter your body. Knowing that your clothes fit properly is key to feeling confident.

3. Plan Outfits in Advance

Do you ever feel overwhelmed trying to pick an outfit, or rush out the door and later regret what you’re wearing?

Even when you have a clearly defined personal style and a killer wardrobe, deciding what to wear can be stressful. Maybe you’ve read up on all the fashion tips for tall women, but your mind goes blank when it’s time to get dressed.

We get it. That’s why we love to plan outfits in advance. Take a few minutes each night before you go to bed to decide what you’ll wear the next day, then lay your clothes out or even try them on to see if they go together.

When you know you’ve assembled a gorgeous look, you can get dressed the next day and feel confident in what you’re wearing.

4. Practice Good Self-Care

Of course, feeling gorgeous is about more than just clothing. You’ve got to treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated — in other words, #selfcare!

In today’s world, it’s something we all need to practice more, especially tall and curvy babes. A healthy self-care regimen can make a huge difference in your confidence level. Indulge in some pampering, take time to relax each day and be kind to yourself.

Start by eating healthy, finding some type of physical exercise you love and making sure you have good grooming and hygiene habits.

From there, your self-care practice may look different than everyone else’s. Maybe you’d rather read a book than take a bubble bath, and that’s okay! What matters is that you find ways to appreciate yourself every day.

5. Don’t Rush Out the Door in the Morning

Finally, set your alarm a little earlier and add an extra five minutes to your morning. Maybe take a slightly longer shower or savor your morning coffee for a few extra minutes. Whatever you do, make these five minutes just for you, without distractions from partners, roommates, pets or phones.

This is also one of our favorite fashion tips for tall women because more time in the morning means you won’t have to rush as you assemble your outfits. By adding more time to your morning routine, you’ll have more space to relax.

Starting each morning in a calm mood lets you feel extra confident and gorgeous for the rest of the day.

Express Yourself with Alloy Apparel
We know the best outfit is confidence. But it helps when your clothes are tailor-made for your unique kind of gorgeous! That’s why Alloy Apparel has you covered with all the tall and curvy basics you need to let your personal style shine.

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