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Famous Women Who Are Taller Than Their BFs

One of the biggest struggles of being a tall woman is the lack of tall men out there… like seriously, where are they hiding? Not all of us are lucky enough to find a great man that’s also tall. We here at Alloy think woman should be allowed to tower over their man. If you …

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12 Tall Girl Struggles

Growing up tall has its pros and cons. We get to have the best view at concerts. We always stand out in a crowd (literally). Not to mention, research shows on average tall women earn more money (read here). These long legs come with a fair share of struggles too. Here are a 11 things …

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Fashion Tall Girl Spotlight

Alloy Apparel Haul x @keepitkenya

Hey Tall Squad, We recently came across this Youtube video from one of our customers Kenya (@keepitkenya). She made a Haul for the Tall featuring several Alloy Apparel styles. We know what you’re thinking… this video was NOT sponsored by us. However, we love seeing our Alloy Babes in their new clothes. Keep tagging us …

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Working Wardrobes x Alloy Apparel

As many of you know Alloy Apparel has gradually transitioned to a “Tall Girl’s Only” site. We’ve removed all traditional sizes from the website, over 24,000 units to be exact. This resulted in a ton of extra inventory in our warehouse. After careful consideration, Alloy Apparel is proud to announce all 24,000 items are being …

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Contest Time! Win $50 or $250

 Calling all our tall ladies… We are giving away up to $500! Enter to Win up to $$$ Towards Your Favorite Party Pants. Read contest rules below. Contest ends March, 30th 2018. Get Your Party Pants On We’re giving away up to $1000 of our favorite pants Post a picture of your favorite Alloy pants …

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Tall Girl Spotlight

Tall Girl Spotlight: @madison_williamss

Meet our newest Alloy Apparel model, Madison Williams (@madison_williamss)! Madison is 5’11. She is currently signed with LA Models in Los Angeles, CA. You’ll be seeing a lot more of her on the Alloy site over the next few months. We must say, she looks AMAZING in all our new styles. Get to know her …

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What we’re Binge Watching

If you’re anything like us, you LOVE finding a new binge worthy show! Searching through Netflix can be a struggle sometimes. We hope this will make the search for a new series a bit easier for you. Here is a list (no specific order) of our all time favorite series on Netflix. We guarantee you’ll …

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Tall Girl Spotlight

Tall Girl Spotlight: Abby Griffith @TallGirlsGuide

Meet Abby Griffith (@TallGirlsGuide). She is a blogger providing inspiration for other tall women. Abby is 6’3 and like so many of us she struggles to find the right clothes. Get to know her better through our interview with her below. Check her out on Instagram and YouTube     Tell us a little bit about …

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DIY & Lifestyle Fashion Trends

Tall Girl Tips: 5 Ways to Style Denim

If anyone understands the tall girl struggle, it’s us! Luckily we’ve got you covered when it comes to extended inseams and long jeans. Here are some Tall Girl Tips for all the other denim in your wardrobe that barely hit your ankles.   Jean Roll This is always the go-to look. The good news is …

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