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Stand Tall: April Winner

Congratulations to April Peck, our incredible April #StandTall Contest winner! April was nominated by her friend, Diana, who clearly values her friendship with April. Read more about April below!

“Meet April.

First, my neighbor.

Then, my friend.

Now, my mentor.

April is a mom of 3 young kids, & a dog. She and her husband work hard as a team to provide for their family, and also because work is something they enjoy. I had the privilege of getting to know them as they pursued one endeavor, and then witnessed as they switched gears to another direction.

At that time, I too, was considering a career path and April took the time – once a week for 12 weeks – to mentor me and give feedback. She encouraged me throughout the week as I wrestled with my own personal decisions.

April has recently started treatment for cancer.  She announced it several months ago and when I saw the timestamp of when she had found out, I was shocked. This healthy, hard working lady had her world colliding with an unexpected reality during the same weeks she had committed to mentor me and a few others. And she didn’t say a word. She kept focus on the task at hand and followed through, daring not to bring the attention on herself.

Today she continues to do what she can. In a text she told me “I’m ok. I didn’t do anything to get it so I can’t regret or fix anything. All I can do is continue living life and figuring things out!”

I now have the opportunity to serve her and her family. When I saw this Alloy Apparel opportunity I knew I had to seize it.

Another thing strikingly in common between April and I is that we are both over 6’1”. April wears it well. In fact, on a business trip to India before cancer treatments, she said several people asked for her autograph because they thought she was a supermodel!

Thanks for reading just a fragment of our story and for your consideration. ~Diana Anderson”

Your selfless nature, and dedication to volunteering your time to mentorship truly represents what Standing Tall is, April! Thanks for encouraging all of us. You are appreciated for everything that you do. Nominate a phenomenal tall woman in your life HERE.

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