Tall Girl: Our Thoughts

By now we’ve all at least heard about Tall Girl. Tall Girl is a rom com that follows the journey of  6’1’’ Jodi (played by tall queen Ava Michelle), a teen navigating her way through high school. Jodi “has always been the tallest girl in school and she’s always hated it,” although she learns her height is only part of what makes her unique by the end. 

Although Tall Girl is a romantic comedy, another message is quite clear – one of self confidence and acceptance. While Jodi has amazing friends and a well meaning family, she often wants to disappear instead of standing out. It is with the support of her friends and family that Jodi finally accepts the dynamic person she is. She realizes she is so much more than just a tall girl. Jodi is also a talented musician, an adored daughter, sister, and friend. 

At one point Jodi goes to her beauty queen sister for advice on how to get the attention of the new tall Swedish exchange student. After a bit of hilarious back and forth between Jodi and her sister,  her sister and mom team up and take Jodi on a makeover that eventually leads to self confidence (realizing the makeover way much less about getting the attention of a boy, but more about self love). Once Jodi finds the style that makes her feel her best and accepts what makes her unique, people stop noticing her as the “tall girl.” They begin to see her for who she truly is – a confident person with so many talents to offer.   

All in all, Tall Girl is a great feel-good movie with an awesome soundtrack. While there are many laughs to be had, there is some reflection on self confidence and empowerment too. We know it’s easy as a tall woman to want to disappear, however we believe it is so important to stand tall and proud of who you are. 

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