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Four Ways to Spend the Summer Before it Ends!

Labor Day is just around the corner, marking the fact that the end of summer is fast approaching. It’s the perfect time to take advantage of the holiday weekend and spend it doing something fun! Here are four ways to spend the rest of you summer, before it’s gone! 


Night Out with Friends

Take advantage of an extra day off and make time for a night out with your friends! Spend the night grabbing drinks, dancing, or sitting down together for a fabulous dinner. Check out some of our favorite looks for a night out to find the perfect outfit for a night on the town with your best friends! 


Family BBQ

There’s nothing like spending a holiday weekend with your family, especially when it’s a BBQ! Spend the day cooking great food and playing fun games (like cornhole, giant jenga, lawn twister) in style. We love pairing a cute jumpsuit with fun sneakers to stay comfortable and trendy for family events! 


Explore Your City 

Sometimes the most exciting places are right outside your own front door! Be a tourist in your city and explore your local night market, interesting museums, and fun shops downtown. You might just find your new fave spot! While exploring, comfort is key. We recommend a cute denim jacket and jeans combo, or even a comfy maxi dress (with sneakers, of course). 


Relax and Do Nothing

Treat yourself! Watch all the new (and old) Netflix shows you’ve been dying to binge watch, in the comfort of your bed while wearing the comfiest (and most stylish) joggers or leggings. Want to go out with friends and stay comfortable after a day of doing nothing? Dress up your leggings to easily transition your look from day to night! 


Get Ready with Alloy Apparel 

No matter what kind of outing you have planned, Alloy Apparel tall women’s clothing has something for everyone. Check out what’s new from Alloy today! 

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