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How to Dress Up Leggings & Joggers for a Classy, Comfy Look

Many people wouldn’t consider athleisure “dressy” or sophisticated. While athleisure is certainly a hot trend among fashionistas and celebrities, this look is usually created around pieces like leggings or joggers. Along with sweatshirts and sneakers, these items aren’t usually welcome in more formal or professional spaces.

Although more and more work environments are embracing casual everyday attire, there are still many occasions where you may want to dress with more sophistication. But don’t sacrifice comfort for class! With a few wardrobe hacks, your athleisure outfits can be modified to create a unique, modern look that’s both hip and professional.

Here’s how to dress up your leggings, joggers and other athleisure items for a classy, comfy look:

1. Choose Dark Neutral Colors or Earth Tones

Joggers and leggings come in an infinite number of bright colors and patterns. While we love colorful yoga pants and wearing our neon women’s tall joggers to 90s club night, they’re not the best choice for every venue. One of the easiest ways to make your athleisure outfit look more sophisticated is to curate the color palette.

Choose solid, neutral dark colors or earth tones that can be matched with other items. Black leggings are an excellent option. Little by little, black leggings have become a classic clothing staple like a black dress or skirt — you can wear them with almost any outfit in any setting.

2. Wear Long Tops and Sweaters with Leggings

If you’re a fan of leggings, you’re probably well acquainted with this sophisticated look. Because they can function similar to tights or stockings, leggings are easy to dress up when layered under longer tops and sweaters.

Finish off this look with sleek boots, a chic statement belt or jewelry and a solid-colored dark blazer. By using complimentary pieces that are a little more dressy, you’ll boost the overall look of your whole outfit. A few small touches can go a long way!

3. Pair with Blazers and Pea Coats

Need to dress up your leggings for tall women or women’s tall joggers? Need to dress down your blazer or pea coat? It’s a match made in fashion heaven! When you pair an athleisure bottom with more formal outerwear up top, you create a look that truly combines the best of both worlds.

It wasn’t very long ago that jeans were restricted to the “Casual Friday” category, but now most employers barely notice if you roll into the office in your skinny jeans. We feel that leggings and joggers are headed in that direction, too. As long as the rest of your outfit is clean, well-fitting and professional, you can usually get away with incorporating a few less formal pieces.

4. Create a Sophisticated Look with Classy Shoes

Most athleisure outfits include sneakers, canvas tennis shoes or retro high-tops. Although we love this type of footwear, it’s not always the most professional, and these types of shoes can be too casual for work or formal occasions. Remember, your footwear makes a statement and sets the tone for your whole outfit from the bottom up.

To add some class to your athleisure outfit, we recommend pairing women’s tall joggers with cute Chelsea boots or flat loafers. For leggings for tall women, you can accentuate the style with heels or calf-high boots.

5. Accessorize with Jewelry, Scarves and Belts

Finally, don’t forget to accessorize! No matter what style you’re creating, choosing the right accessories can truly elevate your look. Since athleisure is associated with more casual items like baseball caps, beanies and fanny packs, you can tweak this trend by replacing these accessories with more sophisticated items.

So if you’re grabbing your clothes from the athleisure section, choose your accessories from the more formal department. We suggest jewelry such as statement necklaces and bangle bracelets, as well as silk scarves and cinch belts. Adding these items to leggings for tall women and tall women’s joggers will really add subtle yet sophisticated flair to your look.

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