Tinder-ing While Tall: How to Stay Confident On Dating Apps

We’ve written before about the #tallgirlproblem of dating a shorter guy. Spoiler: It’s all about finding the perfect balance between open-mindedness, self-knowledge, and confidence… not so different from pretty much every other aspect of life! But as a tall lady, you’ve probably at some point had the sinking feeling that no amount of perfectly fitting high-waisted jeans or tall maxi dresses will solve the problem of superficial dudes defining – or dismissing – you because of your height.

Well, babes, if you and your beautiful long legs are feeling beat by the dating app grind, we’re back with some choice advice for how to stay confident online and in-person when you’re taller than average. And while we’ve got tips for tall babes, we hope ladies of all shapes and sizes can find our advice useful. After all, at Alloy Apparel, we’ve got gorgeous covered, even when it comes to dating!

Whether you’re tall, curvy, both or neither, every woman who’s ever swiped right knows how frustrating, uncomfortable, and downright scary it can feel to try to fit yourself into a box in the hopes of making your profile stand out. We’re here to remind you that the box is whack, and that you are flawless the way you are – but it never hurts to have some encouraging tips! Check out ours below.


  1. Dress Like the Queen You Are

We get the urge to downplay your tallness with flat shoes and short skirts. And hey, if it’s flats and minis that make you feel like you’re walking down the runway, go for it! The point is that no matter your size or shape, most worthwhile guys will be attracted first and foremost to your confidence. When you dress the way that feels most authentic to you, that confidence will shine through.

So wear what you want and let your true beauty shine. Wear the heels, wear the tall maxi dress, and watch as your fierceness separates the boys from the men.


  1. Be Honest On Your Profile

Anyone who’s ever seriously used a dating app knows that awkward moment when you first see your potential boo in person and the chemistry is just painfully absent. Double that when you can tell the guy is put off by your height. You both got all dressed up, felt way too nervous on the Uber ride over, and now you just wish you could go home, throw on some sweats, and spend some quality alone time with America’s Next Top Model.

If you avoided mentioning your height on your profile, or – ahem – embellished the number a little, the disappointing surprise should actually come as no surprise.

It might seem scary, but when it comes to reporting your height on your profile, honesty really is the best policy. If you get excluded from a guy’s profile because of his filters, he doesn’t deserve you anyway! No time, sweat, or tears wasted on a bad date that never happened.


  1. Reframe Your Tallness as an Asset

We talk a lot about tall girl problems, but when you’re heading out for a date, try remembering some tall girl privileges. We know – easier said than done!

But really… You’ve got legs for days, which most people envy. Even if your legs aren’t your favorite asset, focus on what you do love about your body and give yourself some compliments.Remember how many shorter or average-height women try to “dress taller”. Luckily, you’ve got the natural gift!

Finally, think about it this way: When you put your height and your confidence out there, you’ll know from the outset that the guys who stick around are there because of who you are, not what the tape measure, or scale, says – and they like what they see!

Tall babes know there’s no shortage of tall girl problems making the dating app world extra ridiculous. But with Alloy Apparel’s tall and curvy jeans, long pants, tall blouses, tall maxi dresses, and everything in between, you can at least check “confidence” off your list on your way out the door to that first date.

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