Sweaters, spa days, and gift cards make great gifts this holiday season.
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Give the Gift of Style: Five Holiday Gift Ideas for the Tall or Curvy Babe in Your Life

The days are getting shorter, dogs are wearing antlers, and your latte is arriving in a red cup, which can only mean one thing: the holidays are upon us! At Alloy, we love to give the gift of style this time of year. Our shopping lists are full of tall women’s clothing and clothes for curvy women.

No matter how you celebrate, the holidays are a wonderful time to show your loved ones how much you appreciate them with a heartfelt gift. But when you have tall gals and curvy babes in your life, shopping for the right gift can be a challenge. So here are five holiday gift ideas for tall and plus size women for the 2018 season:


  1. A Sweater That Fits in All the Right Places

Sweaters are a classic holiday gift for a reason. They’re practical and stylish. But when it comes to tall women’s clothing, it can be hard to find a sweater that fits well. Often, even L or XL sizes are still too short for women with longer arms and bigger torsos. If you give your tall or curvy gal a cardigan or pullover that actually fits, she’s sure to be thrilled.

Just make sure you resist the temptation to go for “ugly Christmas sweaters.” Although these items are a great laugh, your gift recipient will appreciate a normal sweater much more. We recommend a long sleeve cardigan, a versatile sweater she can wear at home or work and layer with tons of different pieces.

  1. Tall and Curvy Activewear

As tall and curvy babes, we also love to receive activewear as a holiday gift. Activewear can often get overlooked as a gift, particularly during winter, but we love to start the New Year with fresh leggings, sports bras and athletic tops when we hit the gym in January to crush our new fitness goals. These items are also great clothes for curvy women because their stretchiness fits us in just the right places.

  1. Accessories for Her Inner Fashionista

Accessories are always an excellent choice for holiday gifts for the tall or curvy babe in your life. Help her bring out her inner fashionista this season with jewelry, belts, hats and more. When it comes to clothes for curvy women and tall women’s clothing, accessories can transform a bland outfit into an amazing look.

Considering the season, we love to give winter accessories to our tall squad. We recommend luxurious scarves, supple leather gloves and trendy, slouchy beanies. Not only can these items give her outfit an extra fashion boost, but they’ll also keep her warm in the months to come.

  1. A Spa Day

But if the lady in your life has enough tall women’s clothing, consider giving a different kind of holiday gift. Our favorite? A spa day! Whether you give her gift certificates to a local spa experience or pamper her with a gift basket of lush facial products, a gift that encourages self-care is an excellent choice.

To score bonus points, make it a surprise and “kidnap” her for the day! Go behind the scenes to clear her schedule, arrange transportation and maybe even invite a few of her closest girlfriends to join her. During the holidays, it can be easy for us to overlook our own needs and care, so a gift that encourages her to relax and focus on herself will be one she’ll truly treasure.

  1. Makeup Gift Cards

Although gift cards can feel impersonal, many women love them because they allow us to choose exactly what we want. We love to receive gift cards for makeup in particular, as specific makeup can be hard for someone else to pick out.

The right touch of makeup will emphasize her beauty and enhance her look. This is great for winter months when there’s less sun and drier conditions that can affect skin. Along with sweaters, activewear, accessories, a spa day and other clothes for curvy women and tall ladies, a gift card for makeup is an excellent choice for a holiday gift this season.


Of course, there are a million ways to show the tall and curvy babes in your life how fabulous they are this holiday season – but a few fashion-forward gifts can’t hurt! Stop by Alloy Apparel with your shopping list ASAP.

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