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Five Ways to Spread the Love to Your Fiercest Friends

Friendship never ends, as the Spice Girls once said (feeling that #90sNostalgia, anyone?) At Alloy, we know the importance of a tight squad. Our girlfriends are the fiercest force in our lives. Whether we’re shopping for fashion for tall women together, celebrating our careers, or brainstorming girls’ night ideas, our BFFs are always there for us.

So why not make every day Galentine’s Day? We’re sure that your best gal pals already know how much you love them, but it’s always nice to show your appreciation with a random gift or a surprise gesture. Let your fiercest friends know how much they mean to you with these five ideas to spread the love to the ladies you love most.

  1. Make DIY Beauty Kits

Inner beauty is what makes someone an amazing friend, but a little pampering can go a long way towards making your squad feel special. Help your besties enhance their already gorgeous looks and surprise them with a custom beauty kit! Consider each friend’s unique personality, style, and preferences, then assemble a beauty kit just for them.

Start with a cute makeup bag or a decorative basket, then fill it luxurious face masks, scrubs, nail polish, and bath bombs that remind you of each one of your friends. If you’re the DIY type, you could even make many of these items at home with fresh organic ingredients. Of course, this also lends itself to one of our favorite girls’ night ideas: after you make your kits, invite your squad over for a beauty night to try everything out.

  1. Treat Yo’ Selves at the Mall

Shopping can be one of the most fun activities you can share with your girlfriends, even if you just try on new outfits or window-shop without actually buying anything. It’s called “retail therapy” for a reason, after all. It can be a little frustrating sometimes when stores don’t carry fashion for tall women, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing afternoon with your BFFs.

Show your ladies some love by organizing the day, so they don’t have to do anything except show up and take selfies. Pick them up yourself or arrange Uber or Lyft rides — you could even “kidnap” them to add to the fun! Then, treat yo’ self and yo’ squad with a latte or a smoothie so you can fuel up before you shop the day away.

  1. Have a Girls’ Night In

Need girls’ night ideas? We love to start with the classics. Sometimes, there’s no better way to show your friends how much you love them than by organizing a night in. If you live with a partner or roommates, ask them to clear out for the evening so you have the place to yourselves.

Then, stock up on all your squad’s favorites. Maybe it’s wine and chocolate, maybe it’s pizza and beer, or maybe it’s a simple, home-cooked meal. Throw on some Netflix or just enjoy each other’s company and talk. When you have a relaxed, intimate evening with your friends, it lets them know they’re family, too.

  1. Celebrate in Style

As a counterpoint to the above, we also love a big night out to celebrate our BFFs. Get dressed up in your most sophisticated, sexiest fashion for tall women and hit the town. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a promotion at work, a new relationship or just a Friday, this is one of our favorite girls’ night ideas.

Start with dinner or craft cocktails at a hip new restaurant, then make your way to a concert, a musical or a club for dancing all night long! To show your appreciation, take the initiative and organize everything such as rideshares and tickets. Let your squad focus on feeling fierce, looking amazing, and having a wonderful night out.

  1. Plan the Ultimate Sunday Fun Day

Finally, nothing beats a Sunday Fun Day with the squad. After all, who says your girls’ night ideas actually have to take place at night? One way to show your besties how much you appreciate them is to plan a daytime adventure together. Grab the activewear from your wardrobe of fashion for tall women and get going!

We love to start with yoga or spin class, followed up by brunch. You could also do a scenic hike, a stroll through the local farmer’s market, or a picnic lunch at your local park with everyone’s favorite food.

Spread the Love

Whatever you do to celebrate your squad, just make sure your besties know how much they inspire you. Tell them you appreciate your friendship and make every day special! Have some other ideas? Let us know in the comments!

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