To feel as good as you look, fuel up with the right balance of protein, carbs, and vitamins.
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The Best Breakfast, Snack, and Post-Workout Foods for #BossBabe Energy

No matter what kind of Alloy babe you are, feeling confident, caring for yourself, and slaying at work (or in life!) can be a struggle. While we try to take one thing off your plate with our tall women’s apparel, it sometimes takes a little more than looking your best to feel your best.

You only get dressed once per day… but how many times a day do you eat? Whether you relish the opportunity to cook and try new recipes or view food simply as fuel, the fact is that you need energy to live your best GirlBOSS life, and food is what gives you that energy.

That’s why we’re breaking down the best foods to eat throughout the day, so you can feel as good as you look whether you’re leaving the house in the morning, pulling on some women’s tall activewear and killing it at the gym, or heading for a night out.

What to Eat for Breakfast

Without the first meal of the day, you’ll be running on empty before you even arrive at work. You can do yourself a huge favor by getting something healthy in your stomach before you head out to face the day.

We get it – mornings aren’t for everyone. The good news is, some of the healthiest breakfast foods are also some of the easiest… a big plus if one of the first things you do in the morning is grab your women’s tall activewear and hit the gym.

Try one of these low-maintenance, nutrient-packed breakfast foods ASAP:

Oatmeal – It’s true: grownups love oatmeal. This classic go-to breakfast staple is super versatile, but here are some of the benefits experts agree on:

  • Fiber, which helps regulate food processing and make you feel more full
  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, especially from whole grain oats
  • B vitamins, vitamin E, and minerals

For extra nutrients, top with berries (a low-sugar flavor boost with extra antioxidant/anti-inflammatory effects) and nuts (which pack the protein).

Greek Yogurt or Cottage Cheese – Whether you’re off to work, the gym, or just a chill Saturday out with friends or loved ones, starting your day with yogurt or cottage cheese is a great way to give yourself an energy boost. (After crafting a killer OOTD with some tall women’s apparel, that is.) The high protein content in these creamy, delicious foods increases feelings of fullness and helps regulate your metabolism.

Greek yogurt packs extra punch, since certain types contain probiotics that are good for your gut.

Top yogurt or cottage cheese with chia seeds of flaxseeds (for fiber) and berries.

Eggs – Like yogurt and cottage cheese, eggs are a favorite for nutrition experts because they’re such a great source of protein, and help satiate your hunger better than other foods.

Pairing eggs with some fiber-packed whole grain toast and smoked salmon or avocado (a great source of potassium, vitamins, and the “’good’ cholesterol”) makes for a well-rounded breakfast.

What to Eat for a Snack

It’s no surprise that many of the best breakfast go-to’s double as great snack foods, like yogurt and berries or avocado toast. But for a pick-me-up of fiber, protein, and/or vitamins, try one of the snacks below:

Fresh or Dried Fruit – As mentioned above, fruit is an amazing source of vitamins and fiber, and can satisfy your sweet tooth without sending you into sugar overload.

Whole Grain Toast and Nut Butter – Fiber, protein… toast with peanut butter or almond butter is the perfect combo to give you an energy boost, whether you’re leaving the gym or another exhausting status meeting. Just watch out for the sugar content in the nut butter of your choosing.

“Green” Smoothie – There is no end to the benefits of a green smoothie – mostly because this snack can be almost anything you want! You can find tons of amazing recipes online, but the basic idea is to pack in a combination of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals all in a delicious, portable drink.

Consider any or all of the following ingredients:

  • Greens like spinach or kale
  • Fruit, especially berries like strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries
  • Chia seeds
  • Tofu
  • Greek yogurt

What to Eat After the Gym

If there’s ever a time when you need to seriously recharge, it’s after working out. As always, fiber and vitamins will go a long way in refueling you, but the stars of the post-workout food scene are definitely carbs and protein, which help your body recover.

Nuts are a great source of protein, helping you recover after a workout.

Protein-heavy snacks like yogurt, cottage cheese, eggs, and nut butter are all great contenders, but there are plenty of other nutritious options:

Hummus with Veggies and Whole Grains – Grab the whole grain pita, crackers, and carrot sticks, because hummus is an amazingly protein-rich post-workout food. The whole grains and veggies will give you the carbs you need to re-energize while the protein will speed up muscle recovery.

Smoked Salmon – Also a great breakfast option, smoked salmon is an awesome source of omega-3 fatty acids and general anti-inflammatory effects that help reduce soreness. Try with whole grain tortillas in a wrap, or over eggs.

Give Your Body the Attention It Deserves

Every girlBOSS should live her best life, and we’re not here to tell you what that life should look like. But caring for your gorgeous self means feeding your body the nutrients it needs to keep slaying. Whether you’re constantly peeling off the women’s tall activewear on the way back from practice, or donning your best tall women’s apparel for date night, we’ve got you covered with tips on how to stay energized through it all.

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