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Six Clothing Problems All Tall Girls Face (& Tips for Fixing Them)

When you’re a tall babe, sometimes you’re literally on top of the world. Other times, not so much. Especially since fashion for tall women can be harder to find in retail stores and online. Tasks like figuring out where to buy long jeans that are the perfect fit for your gorgeous legs can feel like a total chore.

Believe us, we’ve totally been there. At Alloy Apparel, we understand the common clothing problems all tall girls face. That’s just one of the reasons why we’re so passionate about designing our line of fashion for tall women and plus-sized women.

Here are six clothing problems all tall girls face — and our tips for fixing them!

Problem #1: Tops Show Too Much Stomach

One of the downsides of having a long torso is that tops are often way too short. And we bet you’re the go-to person in your friend group for reaching things on the top shelf, which means a lot of stretching up and a lot of bare stomach. Sometimes we love to rock a sexy crop top look, but not everyday! Sigh.

The Fix: Invest in some quality high-waisted pants and jeans. A higher waistline will cover the gaps when you wear a shorter, so-called “normal” top.

Problem #2: Jeans Are Too Short

Tell us if this sounds familiar: you go shopping with your besties and everyone starts trying on new jeans. You grab a pair or two, try them on, and your gal pals are stunned — where did you find those capris?! Not enough eye-roll emojis in the world, right?

The Fix: If you’re wondering where to buy long jeans, look no further. Alloy has every inch of your beautiful long legs covered with our line of specialty denim and tall women’s fashion that start where most inseams end.

Problem #3: Dresses And Skirts Are Too Short

Here’s another common clothing problem tall girls face. Many dresses and skirts just look too short on you. Of course, looking “too sexy” is a good problem to have — but sometimes we don’t want to stand out and reveal too much skin.

The Fix: That’s why no wardrobe of fashion for tall women is complete without cute tights and leggings. Pair your short skirt or dress with a pair of leggings or tights and add some ankle boots for a timeless look that’s fun and sophisticated.

Problem #4: Height / Waist Ratios Are Way Off

This is one of the challenges we encounter when we’re figuring out where to buy long jeans. Manufacturers often assume that your waistline always increases along with your leg length. This may be true for some tall women, of course, but not all.

The Fix: Sure, you could always use a baggier waistline as an excuse to wear a cute belt, or have your pants tailored for a better fit. But the best solution is to buy fashion for tall women from brands like Alloy who know your proportions.

Problem #5: Mirrors Are Too Small

Does shopping in a store make you feel like an Amazon? Often, the so-called “full length” mirrors in a dressing room stall are still too short for you to see your whole body. But hey, if an outfit looks cute while you’re squatting, it’s going to look cute in any position, right?

The Fix: This is just the perfect excuse for an impromptu photo shoot. Grab a girlfriend or two and pose for the camera! You can see what your new outfit looks like and get some great new shots for your Instagram. Win-win.

Problem #6: Shirt Sleeves Are Too Short

Figuring out where to buy long jeans isn’t the only shopping challenge when you have long limbs. Often, long-sleeved shirts and blouses come up short and leave you with too much exposed wrist. It can look like your top shrank, which isn’t very flattering.

The Fix: Own it! Roll up your sleeves to three-quarters’ length and accessorize with some bracelets and bangles. This timeless look is also perfect for fall and spring weather.

Shop Fashion for Tall Women at Alloy Apparel

Whether you’re seeking tops and dresses, outerwear or just wondering where to buy really long jeans, Alloy has everything you need for the perfect wardrobe. Don’t let your height hold you back from sporting the hottest looks of the season!

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