Fall 2018 Tall and Curvy Fashion Trends to Ring in Sweater Weather

Leaves changing color? Pumpkin spice everything popping up everywhere you look? Buckle up for sweater weather, ladies! Fall is right around the corner!

At its best, fall can be a season of coziness, time spent with loved ones, and change (hopefully for the better!)… even if we have to say goodbye to warm weather.

But covering up for the cold doesn’t have to mean hiding what makes you gorgeous. That’s why we’ve got the rundown on how you can make sure that under those cozy layers, you’re still flaunting your long legs and curves! That’s right – we’ve put together a list of fresh tall and plus size fall fashion trends perfect for your tall or curvy wardrobe.

Bold and Beautiful

This fall is all about remixing both new and retro pieces with bold colors and busy patterns. Which is great news for those Alloy babes who love turning heads with even the simplest outfits!

That said, there are plenty of classic pieces that have been on runways for a while and don’t seem to be going anywhere yet. (Looking at you, high waisted jeans!) So whether you want every outfit to make a statement or you’re all about those timeless staples, we’ve done our best to include something for every kind of gorgeous on our list of 2018’s tall and plus size fall fashion trends.

Statement Jeans

Yup – those eye-catching frayed hems, floral accents, and athletic stripes are here to stay. Luckily Alloy Apparel’s curvy and tall women’s clothing has got you covered with all the jeans you could need – from high waisted to flare and everything in between – with extra-long inseams to keep your ankles warm during those chilly nights!

Pair with: Your favorite sneakers for a dressed-down look, or knee-high boots to accentuate your long legs. And don’t be afraid to #weartheheels…

Sweater Jackets

Both tall and curvy babes swear by the long cardigan or sweater for the way it adds a casual elegance to any outfit. Dressed up or down, it’s always flattering and is literally made for sweater weather! Check out all of our tops and sweaters, designed with your measurements in mind (so that long cardigan actually goes the distance!)

Pair with: Your trusted high waisted jeans, or dark florals for a patterned pop.

Jewel Tones

Deep ruby, velvety emerald… If you can’t resist adding a slight princess vibe to your outfit, this is the trend for you. Don’t be afraid to break away from “traditional” fall colors like orange, yellow, and brown – consider trying deep blues or greens, too, to stand out from the crowd.

Pair with: Dark trousers for a color-blocked look, a statement bag or coat with fun patterns.

Metallic Pieces and Accents

A funky necklace, a top with beaded lining, even velvet or mesh tops in metallic colors…This trend is all about icing a classic outfit with a bit of glam. Just make sure you don’t clash by mixing metals – stick with all gold, all bronze, or all silver when possible.

Pair with: Long sweaters in solid hues, statement coat with interesting textures.

Dark Florals

You may have to say goodbye to sundresses, but you don’t have to give up your florals. This fall, wear dark florals on everything: knits, dresses, skirts, coats, wraps, shawls… The versatility of this print is endless, which makes it perfect for curvy and tall women’s clothing.

Pair with: Your favorite jeans, coordinated complementary prints.

Shirt Dresses

Tall babes either love or hate this trend – but at Alloy Apparel, we say, embrace it! Shirt dresses and tunics are THE perfect tall women’s clothing item because they turn the short-dress-becomes-a-shirt conundrum on its head. Whether you go for a classic tunic in jewel tones or a menswear-inspired button-down, the versatile, classy-casual shirt dress is a tall and plus size fall fashion must-have.

Pair with: Long sweaters or cardigans, knee high boots.

If you’ve been bummed to say goodbye to the sun, we hope now you’re feeling more inspired to take fall up a notch with tall and plus size fashion trends that highlight your best features.

Need to add some autumn staples to your closet? Check out Alloy Apparel’s curvy and tall women’s clothing, where our jeans, pants, sweats and more have got gorgeous covered (up!) for fall.

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