Tall Girl Spotlight: Stefanie Drew
Tall Girl Spotlight

Tall Girl Spotlight: Stefanie Drew

Here at Alloy Apparel, we make it our mission to empower all of our tall babes! We love how Stefanie Drew, one of our favorite members of the Tall Squad, has embraced her height and empowers herself to be her most confident. 

About Stefanie Drew: 

Self proclaimed “Tallest Mermaid” Stefanie Drew, is a 6’2 glamazon from Toronto, ON, Canada. Often having trouble choosing just one passion to focus on, she loves singing in the shower, traveling when she can, and cosplaying on occasion. Through modeling she found a love for fashion, and is always in the hunt for her next tall pair of pants

Stefanie’s five favorite things about being tall:

5. She always has the best view at concerts

4. She can ride all the rides…(except for the ones she’s too tall for lol)

3. Stefanie always stands out in a crowd

2. Her height helps to make a lasting /memorable impression

1. Being tall, and having confidence in her height, feels powerful

Learn more about Stefanie by following her on instagram

About Alloy Apparel: 

Alloy Apparel strives to empower all Tall Women across the world to love their height and feel confident in their own skin by offering the latest trends in extended sizes, long inseams, and curvy size options. With a mix of on trend, chic, and sophisticated styles in everything from workwear to weekend lounge looks, Alloy appeals to an independent, confident, and active customer who appreciates a one-stop source for her various tall girl needs at an affordable price. To see our latest styles, please visit the Alloy Apparel website.

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