Seattle is such a cool girl travel spot for 2019.
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Five Spring Break Destinations to Book Now

Whether you’re a student or just planning your yearly vacation, spring is a great time to catch some rays in a new city or state. Maybe you’re putting together a last minute get-away. Maybe one of the cities on this list is already your destination, and you just need some inspiration for what to do – and, of course, what to wear!

Whatever the case, we’ve got you covered with five of the best spring break travel destinations. From cool, collected Seattle to sunny Florida, there’s something for every kind of traveler… and every kind of gorgeous! Scroll down to figure out your ideal spring break destination, plus what tall women’s clothing to pack for the occasion.

Five of the Best Spring Break Travel Destinations for 2019

1. Seattle

Seattle is the perfect city for the modern, no-frills traveler who appreciates a healthy balance of tradition and change. Both historical and modern, visitors to Seattle can see classic tourist spots like the Pike Place Market as well as futuristic upgrades like Amazon’s plant-centric business district and a new waterfront underground tunnel all in the same day.

Whether you prefer tried-and-true vacation tours or sleek, ultra-modern haunts, this bustling, progressive city has plenty of personality for many kinds of travelers, as long as they can stand a cloudy day or two. Come prepared to do some shopping, some water-gazing, and – of course – LOTS of coffee drinking.


  • Amazon’s new campus, complete with futuristic spheres and apparently 40,000 plants
  • Pike Place Market
  • The Space Needle (newly refurbished)
  • The birthplace of Starbucks

What to Pack

Seattle is a diverse, forward-thinking city with no time for nonsense. You’ll probably do your fair share of walking if you visit Pike Place Market or the city’s gorgeous, historic Queen Anne neighborhood, so athleisure outfits work well.

Don’t forget your:

2. Austin

Austin has been having a looong moment, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still plenty of fun to be had in the city. Visitors love the diversity of food and recreation in this city. Whether you’re into music and line dancing, mezcal and tacos, or hiking and meditating, this city really does have something for everyone.

Plus, the March-to-May period is one of the best times to visit. If you live close by, plan a road trip stat!


  • Hiking
  • Barbecue
  • Brunch
  • Beer, whiskey, wine and cheese at The Yard

What to Pack

Your must-haves will largely depend on what you want your trip to be like. Maybe you’re hoping to mostly lounge around in breweries and brunch spots. Maybe you can’t wait to get your blood flowing on a beautiful hike, or line dancing at a classic country western bar.

Consider packing:

  • Western-inspired denim
  • Wide-brimmed hats
  • Boho-chic blouses and dresses
  • Walkable shoes and boots

3. Cabo San Lucas

It’s not as easy to get to Cabo as some other cities on this list, but it certainly always hovers around the top of the list of best spring break travel destinations. Known for its pristine beaches and landmarks, ample opportunities for watersports and outdoor recreation, and maximum relaxation vibes, this is the place for travelers who seriously need a break.

Cabo San Lucas is a classic spring break spot.


  • El Arco and Land’s End
  • Lover’s Beach (for a swim) and Divorce Beach (for a walk)
  • Glass bottom boat rides
  • Kayaking, parasailing, and jetskiing

What to Pack

Let’s be real – you’ll MOSTLY be enjoying the beach on this trip, with maybe some jetskiing and cocktails sprinkled on top.

Don’t forget:

4. Miami

Clear skies, warm weather, lots of outdoor space – what more can you ask of a spring vacation?

This accessible and affordable city is a spring break mainstay, and that doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon. We’re here for it! There’s nothing wrong with reliability when it comes to making sure your travel destination is exactly as lit as you want it to be.

Another sprawling city with something for everyone, Miami is for travelers who want to blow off steam. The good news? You can do that in so many different ways: beach-chilling, museum-visiting, nature-walking, shopping, and, of course, clubbing. Pick your poison and get to packing!


  • The Florida Keys
  • Bayfront Park
  • Cuban food
  • Nightlife, nightlife, nightlife

What to Pack

No matter the flavor, a Miami vacation is all about being on the move. Dress for the heat – whether that be the weather, the food, or those amazing clubs.

Make sure you bring:

  • Your favorite beachwear
  • Activewear
  • Comfy-chic sandals for walking
  • Your most flattering cocktail dress
  • Yep – heels!

5. The Grand Canyon

Like so many classic American landmarks, the Grand Canyon is a must-see that can be as light or intense as you make it. You don’t have to love riding mules or backpacking for days into the wild outdoors to enjoy this travel favorite – although you totally could!

The Grand Canyon has something for everyone - just bring your sunscreen.

You can also feel free to stay a short drive away from the canyon and spend your days walking leisurely around the top, gazing to your heart’s content at the truly breathtaking scenery (and taking lots of pics for Instagram!).

What to Do

  • Havasu Falls
  • Trail rides
  • River rafting
  • Grand Canyon Village

What to Pack

At the Grand Canyon, you’ll be doing a LOT of outdoorsy stuff, but also taking a LOT of pictures. That’s the perfect combination for some athleisure-inspired tall women’s clothing! And feel free to jump on this spring’s cowprint trend with fun bags or jackets.

Don’t forget:

  • Hiking shoes/boots
  • Breathable leggings or joggers
  • Outerwear for layering
  • Sunscreen!

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