Everyone needs a wardrobe refresh every once in a while, and spring cleaning is a great time for it.
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Spring Cleaning Your Closet (& Making Room for Upgrades)

It’s that time of year again! Whether you love it or hate it, spring cleaning is an opportunity not just to scrub down those easy-to-forget corners of your home, but also to de-clutter your space by letting go of things you don’t need. One classic area that can always use a good detox is probably your closet.

We’ve all been there. That super trendy cocktail dress you bought on a whim yet can never manage to find an occasion to wear. The shoes a half-size too big that are JUST uncomfortable enough to be unwearable. All those faded band T-shirts you haven’t even touched since college. Whatever the flavor, you probably have your fair share of excess clothing that could be better used somewhere, or by someone, else.

If you’ve already binged Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, you probably don’t need our help skimming down your closet. But if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, we got you! Check out our guide on what to do with unwanted clothes.

After all, how else can you make room for upgrades from Alloy Apparel tall women’s clothing online?

What to Do with Unwanted Clothes

Sell Them

In this day and age, it’s never been easier to sell unwanted clothes that still have some use in them. Most cities have buy-and-trade stores like the beloved Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads. There are also tons of online platforms like thredUp, Poshmark, eBay, and even Instagram where you can sell straight from home.

If you’ve got lots of high-quality, timeless, or wearable vintage pieces that you never wear but someone else might, you may be able to make some cash by selling them.

How to sell your unwanted clothes:

  • Sort your clothes well. Make sure clothes are clean, wearable, and have minimal-to-no damage or stains.
  • Do your research. Most consignment and secondhand stores post their guidelines on their websites, and some online selling platforms specialize in niche products like vintage or shoes.
  • If you’ll be selling online, don’t forget about presentation. Post clear, quality photos and give as much detailed information as possible.

Donate Them

There’s nothing more efficient or karma-friendly than donating your unwanted clothes. Thrift stores are reliable go-to’s. You can also check if organizations in your city host free swaps, which can be a great way to both de-clutter your closet and meet people or get involved with the community. If you’re feeling especially charitable, you can even host your own!

You may also have specific kinds of clothing certain organizations want, like shoes, winter outerwear, or workwear, like Alloy Apparel’s partner, Working Wardrobes.

How to donate unwanted clothes:

  • Always wash all items you want to donate.
  • You can usually donate lightly damaged items, but try to avoid heavily stained or ripped items.
  • You may want to get a donation receipt for tax purposes.

Repurpose Them

Let’s not forget about the environment! If you’ve got super stained or torn jeans, T-shirts, or anything in between, don’t throw them out just yet. Many old and damaged clothes can be re-purposed.

Old T-shirts and soft materials can be used as cleaning rags for the household or your car. If you’re crafty or know how to sew, you can use old clothes for fabric scraps, to make patches, and to salvage buttons. You can even create all new items out of old ones, like blue jean aprons.

How to Get Started

Knowing what to do with unwanted clothes is just the first step of a whole process. De-cluttering your closet can be an overwhelming task, but there are plenty of tried-and-true methods you can try.

  • First In, Last Out- Every time you wear an outfit, hang it in the back/most remote part of your closet so that lesser-worn items get shuffled to the front. Now that you’re forced to see the outfits you wear least often, give them some thought. Consider donating any items that don’t inspire you.
  • Inside-Out or Tagging- Find a way to “tag” every item of clothing in your wardrobe – you can turn everything inside out, or tie ribbons around hangers. Give yourself a time limit, like two weeks or one month. At the end of that period, consider donating any items still inside out or tagged.

Make Space for Tall Women’s Clothing Online

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