Transitional pieces and layering are wardrobe staples for the winter to spring wardrobe transition.
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All the Transitional Pieces You Need from Winter to Spring: Tall & Curvy Guide

The days are getting warmer and longer, the winter freeze is slowly thawing, and flowers are beginning to bloom. That means it’s time for our annual winter to spring wardrobe transition! Whether you’re pulling clothes from storage or buying new tall women’s clothing online, the transition from winter to spring is an opportunity to really let your personal style shine.

Each season has its own unique fashion trends which relate to style as well as practical considerations like weather. For winter, we tend to wear darker colors and warmer clothes, including hats and coats. While spring isn’t as warm as summer, it’s time to shift toward lighter layers and softer, brighter colors that reflect the changing season.

Here’s our Tall & Curvy Guide to essential transition pieces that will help you shift from winter to spring:

Layer with Leggings

As tall ladies and ladies with curves, we’re big fans of leggings. They’re colorful, versatile and comfortable. Leggings are also easy to find when you’re shopping for tall women’s clothing online. We consider leggings to be a “must have” item for your winter to spring wardrobe transition for several reasons.

First, they’re available in a huge array of patterns and colors. After a winter of blacks and earth tones, spring is the perfect time to introduce some bright, colorful fun back into your wardrobe. Second, leggings are one of the best items you can have in your wardrobe for layering. When you’re in a rut with slacks and jeans but it’s still too cold to wear a skirt or dress, slip on some leggings for the ultimate comfort and style.

Sun Hats Offer Practical Style

Don’t forget springtime accessories when you’re shopping for tall women’s clothing online. As the days begin to get longer and sunnier, it’s time to put away your winter scarves and caps and replace them with some accessories for spring. Sun hats are among our favorite accessories.

Because the sun’s out but the temperatures aren’t too hot, spring is also our favorite season for tan, gray or light blue felt fedoras. These brimmed hats are a classic style that never goes out of season. In addition to protecting your skin from the sun as you spend more time outdoors, these sun hats will keep you warm on days where it’s still a bit chilly.

Cardigans & Windbreakers Are Your BFFs

When it comes to outerwear, the transition period between seasons can be challenging. If you’re not careful, you can easily find yourself in a situation where you’re too cold because you didn’t bring a jacket, or you did bring a jacket but it’s too warm and now you’re stuck carrying it everywhere.

That’s why we love cardigans and windbreakers for this time of year. At Alloy, we offer on-trend cardigans in our collection of tall women’s clothing online. We believe a good cardigan is essential for any tall and curvy wardrobe. We also love windbreakers for their colorful, vintage charm and lightweight material.

Light Colored Denim Brightens Up Your Day

Light colored denim is another essential for your winter to spring wardrobe transition. Jeans are a fashion staple and look good all year round. However, during spring, it’s considered more stylish to begin rocking lighter colored denim. Pale blue stone-washed jeans or white denim are especially hot this season.

We’re also fans of the classic “Canadian tuxedo” look, which pairs jeans with a denim jacket or chambray shirt. By going for white or pale blue, your fashion will reflect the beautiful weather that spring brings.

Knee-high boots are a must-have for tall women.

Tall Boots or Tall Socks To Keep Warm

We love to use tall boots and tall socks this time of year. During a winter to spring wardrobe transition, boots that reach above the calf are totally on point. This footwear is stylish yet practical. They’re a perfect choice for days where you want to wear shorts or a mini skirt without leaving too much skin exposed to the chilly air.

Plus, there’s hardly a better way to show off those long legs of yours!

We love tall socks for pretty much the same reason. Try pairing colorful knee socks with high-top sneakers like Chuck Taylors for a chic vintage look. If the day gets too warm, you can always scrunch them down around the ankles for a fun, slouchy style.

Get Ready for Spring with Alloy Apparel
As the weather slowly warms up, don’t get left in the cold. Check out what’s new in tall and curvy women’s clothing at Alloy Apparel to make sure you stay on-trend and flawless for spring!

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