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Stand Tall: January Runner Up

We had so many inspiring submissions this month! Congratulations to Cieara, our December runner up of the #StandTall Contest! Cieara was nominated by her cousin, who had such wonderful things to say. Read more about her below!

“The female I nominated is my cousin. She’s 6’3, 20 years old and a current first generation college student, a junior majoring in biology. Her career goal is to be a pediatrician.

As long as I can remember my cousin has always been taller than most and she’s always been made fun of and made to be the outcast of her peers. This started happening around middle school and continues even now. She always had issues finding clothes to fit with being so tall and not having stores to cater to her needs. So you can guess her confidence and her love for herself has been broken but through it all she still always remains sweet and kind. She’s always doing community service and letting young woman know that they are beautiful and they are worth it.

Up until around her 11th grade year she always had to wear pants that stopped so high because she could never find any long enough in the common teen stores like H&M , Aeropostale , etc. Luckily she stumbled upon your site and the look on her face when she finally tried on her first page of jeans that went down to her ankle was heaven. She couldn’t stop smiling and that was a face I’ll never forget and it brought tears to me and her mother.

She loves your site but with being an independent college student money is limited so she isn’t always able to afford the cost of new jeans. This has been a hard year for her and I think me entering her into being able to win money to buy more jeans is the best gift I can give her. I know her story isn’t truly inspirational over a screen but I promise if you guys had the opportunity to meet her you would know she’s completely worth it.”

Cieara, your story resonates with so many! Congrats on being a first generation college student! Your determination and drive truly represents what Standing Tall is, and we thank you for encouraging all of us to continue to push forward, no matter what life throws at you.

Nominate a phenomenal tall woman in your life HERE.

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