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Stand Tall: January Winner

Congratulations to Sue, our December winner of the #StandTall Contest! Tiffany was nominated by her mother, who says she has faced a major obstacle in her life and is determined to give back to people through her work in the medical field. Read what her mom had to say about her below!

We had so many inspiring submissions this month! Congratulations to Sue, our December runner up of the #StandTall Contest! Sue was nominated by her daughter, who was incredibly excited to have won this contest for her mother! Read more about Sue below!

“My mother raised my sister and I as a single parent.  She always instilled in us to work hard for everything.  She managed to maintain our own house, food on our table, and all extras that two girls and herself needed, while working a minimum wage job.  She always sacrificed her wants and needs to put us first.

When it came time for us to head to college she refinanced her house because financial aid didn’t cover all of our tuition.  My sister and I were made to have jobs through college and take out our own student loans on top of her helping us.

This year has been difficult for my Mom.  In July of 2018 my grandmother had an intracerebral hemorrhage.  My mother, being the health care proxy, had to make the determination of what life saving measures would be taken.  My grandmother only had a 50% chance of living and her quality life wasn’t going to be the same. My grandmother survived but required months of hospitalization and rehab.  During this time my mother maintained her managers position with a local company still working 40+ hours a week. Her employer was not willing to work with her during this time but rather make her work or threatened the loss of her position.  My grandmother was moved over 2.5 hours from us to a brain injury unit for rehab. During this stay my mother made sure she was there 3-4 times a week after working a 10+ hour work day.

As of today my grandmother cannot be left home alone and lives with my mother.  My mother has been forced to quit her job to ensure my grandmother is being taken care of.  Her day consists of over seeing my grandmother’s daily needs are met, she gets to her medical appointments and therapies.  To this day she still continued to put herself last.

Days are tiring for her and some never ending, but she gets up each day continuing to make the best of it.  She has shown my sister and I what a strong independent woman is and has always been a positive role model for us.”

Your selfless nature, and most of all your strength truly represents what Standing Tall is, Sue! Thanks for encouraging all of us. You are appreciated for everything that you do… Nominate a phenomenal tall woman in your life HERE.

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