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Curvy Girl Shopping Struggles (& How To Slay Them)

When you’re a curvy girl, shopping can be a struggle. Although many brands are beginning to embrace plus size fashion and offer more styles for different body types, the selection is still limited. Whether you’re shopping for curvy women’s fashion online or in a store, you’re often stuck with bland colors and unflattering cuts.

Express yourself and let your personality shine with clothes as gorgeous and unique as you are. To help empower you on your fashion journey, here are some shopping struggles curvy girls are all too familiar with — and some tips on how to slay them:

The Struggle: No Two Size Charts Are The Same

The struggle is so, so real. One designer’s size 16 is another designer’s size 12. Just when you think you know your size, it seems like someone has to go along and change everything. This can make shopping for curvy women’s fashion online feel almost impossible.

Slay It: Make a Tape Measure Your BFF

The tape measure is the secret weapon in every plus size fashion artist’s arsenal. We can’t begin to guess how many hours of returns and exchanges this simple yet powerful tool has saved us. When you’re buying curvy women’s fashion online, you can use your exact measurements to compare against size charts and remove the guesswork from shopping.

The Struggle: Finding Jeans That Fit

A great pair of jeans is essential to every wardrobe and finding the perfect fit can be a challenge for any woman. But when you’re curvy, it can get real frustrating, real fast. Finding a pair of jeans that fits your waist and your butt and your hips can feel like finding a unicorn. Especially if you’re shopping for curvy women’s fashion online.

Slay It: Shop Brands Like Alloy

Well, we believe in unicorns. At Alloy, our selection of jeans for tall women includes many plus size fashion options. We’ve designed our denim just for curvy babes like you so our jeans fit in all the right places. Don’t settle for less. Whether you’re looking for skinny jeans, slim leg or bootcut, we’ve got you covered.

The Struggle: Plus Size Fashion Designs Can Be Boring

Tell us if this sounds familiar: you go shopping with skinny friends and they find a variety of different cute, colorful outfits. But the only items on the rack that fit you come in boring earth tones and boxy, shapeless cuts. It’s like designers who make plus size fashion think you want to hide your body instead of flaunt your gorgeous curves.

Slay It: Go Vintage and Go Online

Don’t get discouraged. Think of yourself as a plus size fashion treasure hunter and have fun with acquiring new clothes from creative sources. We’ve found some incredible statement pieces and beautiful basics at vintage shops and thrift stores. And Alloy isn’t the only online store offering cute, stylish looks for women with different body types. Communities like Reddit’s r/FashionPlus are also extremely valuable resources for curvy women’s fashion online.

The Struggle: So Many Pants, So Much Lycra

We love that “business casual yoga pants” have become a thing — who doesn’t want to be comfortable? Unfortunately, a lot of stretchy clothes are made with cheap materials that wear out quickly. Or worse, an item of clothing fits perfectly in the morning but starts to get saggy in unflattering places as the day goes on.

Slay It: Pair Leggings with Skirts and Dresses

Some might say that leggings shouldn’t be a part of plus size fashion. We disagree. In fact, we think they’re essential for curvy girls. When you pair leggings (or other lycra-based pants) with a skirt or dress, it’s a killer look! A long dress or skirt will also cover any potential weird sags, too.

Celebrate Your BodyAt Alloy, we believe clothes shouldn’t just fit your body. They should celebrate it. Don’t settle for drab when you deserve fab! Whether shopping in-store or buying curvy women’s fashion online, a little extra effort will go a long way toward building a timeless wardrobe that slays.

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