Five Ways to Embrace Your Height Instead of Hiding It

At Alloy Apparel, we’ll be the first to say how much we love our tall babes. But during the daily grind of working, shopping, and dating, it’s easy to get caught up in the #tallgirl struggle. The world loves to put women in a box, and often that box is gonna feel pretty cramped for ladies 5’10” and over.

So if we have to remind you how flawless you are, we will! Half the battle of feeling beautiful is confidence, and the first step to confidence is accepting your height. From finding the right ultra tall women’s clothing to seeing your long legs as the assets they are, we’ve got you covered with five ways to embrace your tallness.


Make a List of Tall Girl Perks

Sure, we’ve all experienced enough #tallgirlproblems to write a book, but it’s easy to forget about the tall girl perks. Yup – sometimes it pays to be tall! And not just for models or basketball players, either. Did you know women under a certain height can’t work as flight attendants, for example?

Maybe your height lets you wear certain styles that flatter your figure, like retro bell bottoms or maxi dresses. Maybe you just matched with a guy who has a serious love for beach volleyball and competitive girls. Maybe you just love being able to always reach the highest shelves when you’re out buying groceries (or tall women’s jeans!)

Make a list of some of the ways being tall positively affects your life, and try to remind yourself of those perks when you’re feeling down.


Ignore the Haters

Remember the old “sticks-and-stones-may-break-my-bones” days on the playground? While we hope you’re not facing straight-up bullies every day now that you’re a grownup, you’ve probably heard one too many insensitive stereotypes thrown at you because of your height. Even if people don’t mean anything by it, it stings to always be defined by how tall you are.

This is where some good old-fashioned mama’s advice comes in handy. Call it thick skin, letting go, or ignoring the haters – the best way to deal with shallow comments about your height is to rise above them, pun intended!

And remember that other piece of mom’s advice: Haters are usually just jealous, so if you can find a way to take it as a compliment and let it slide, your confidence will shine through.


Be Open About Your Height with Dates

Don’t get us wrong – we know how scary it can be meeting new people, especially on dating apps. The idea of getting booted from the perfect guy’s profile because you’re not included in his height filter hurts majorly, and it can be tempting to just eliminate the problem by not reporting (or misreporting) your height on online profiles.

Unfortunately, this might only lead to more problems and awkwardness in the long run. Think about it: Wouldn’t you rather know right off the bat that there’s no chemistry, rather than get all dressed up and meet at some bar, only to feel super uncomfortable when the guy acts weird about your height?

A guy who would reject you because of your height is far from “perfect” anyway, so you’re better off being honest and open on your profile and immediately eliminating any guy who won’t love you for YOU.


Wear Clothes Made to Fit You

Nothing feels worse than comparing yourself to other women’s size or weight – especially when it seems like the clothes you try on are doing the comparing for you. You don’t have time for that! Wearing clothes designed for your height and proportions will do wonders for your comfort and confidence.

Alloy Apparel has got you covered with diverse, on-trend ultra tall women’s clothing so you can feel your best while looking your best.


…But Also, Wear Whatever You Want

The best outfit is confidence, and while it certainly helps to find dresses, pants, and jeans made for tall women, the bottom line should be whether YOU feel good in what you’re wearing. If that means heels or cropped pants, go for it!

Luckily, wearing pants and jeans for tall women doesn’t mean having to compromise on style. Alloy Apparel has got gorgeous covered, so we’ve got a style for every kind of tall. Your only job is to let your unique personality shine through.

Of course, we all have bad days, so when you’re struggling to remember the reasons to embrace your height, let Alloy Apparel do it for you with our ultra tall women’s clothing made with your body in mind!

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