Tall Girl Tips: Dating Shorter Guys

We’ve all been there: You’re swiping left and right, and up pops the picture of a super cute guy with a killer profile to match. You slide into his DMs and wonder if this is actually going to be something special…until you learn his height.

We all have our struggles, and it’s only natural for us tall girls to feel a little iffy about dating a shorter guy. But confidence and fierceness outweigh it all. If you’ve just met an amazing guy, but you’re not sure if you’re ready for the height difference, the tips below might help you embrace the situation and pave the way for the fun and romance you deserve.



1. Flaunt what makes you gorgeous!

At Alloy Apparel, we’ve got gorgeous covered – but we know even the most flawless babes can have a hard time seeing their beauty, especially when dating a shorter guy. The truth is, even though you may feel like Shaq in a romper when standing next to him at the bar, it’s usually just in your head.

On your best days, you know your long legs are your favorite things about you – and probably his favorite, too! In fact, next to him, you’ll look more like a model than anything else. And a the end of the day, the sexiest quality is confidence, so flaunt your height when you’re walking down the street with your boo, just like you would on the runway.



2. …But sometimes it’s OK to look to others for inspiration.

While you shouldn’t look too far outside the relationship for validation, it helps to get inspired by other tall-girl-short-guy power couples. You can even check out these fierce celebs who are taller than their boyfriends but still flaunt the beauty in themselves and their men.



3. Seek out someone who shares your passions.

It’s easy to ignore bae’s height when you’re busy admiring the way he pursues his passions. Whether you share a love of travel, a habit for dance-fueled all-nighters, or a career in common, shared interests are the best way to shrink any physical pet peeve, height difference included.

Take the time to get to know what you really want out of a relationship – and out of life! – and that self-care and confidence will draw you to a guy who’ll make you happier in the long run than someone you only gravitate to for his height. Which brings us to…



4. Be open-minded with your filters.

You deserve someone who can match your fierceness and passion – don’t risk missing out on the perfect guy by filtering out anyone shorter than you. We understand the temptation, but just as you wouldn’t want your soulmate to write you off because of your long legs, no one should miss out on a chance at love with an Alloy babe just because of his height.



5. Dress to slay!

We all know the importance of the phrase “dress to impress” in certain contexts, but when dating a shorter guy, do it within limits. You may be thinking of ditching your favorite pair of platforms for that first date, and that’s OK. At the same time, the best outfit is the one you feel best in, and no matter if it’s the first date or the hundredth, you should wear whatever makes you feel like the stunner you are.

If your boo constantly makes you feel bad for wearing what you like to wear because it emphasizes your height, whether it’s those perfect heels or your best high waisted jeans, it may be a sign he’s too insecure about his own height. We’re not here for that, and you shouldn’t be either. You deserve to be with someone who celebrates what makes you gorgeous!

We know the tall girl struggle is real – especially in the dating scene. That’s why Alloy Apparel creates trendy, perfectly tailored apparel that tends to all your tall girl needs, so that you can slay any date – with any guy – in style.

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