Jumpsuits are a versatile 2019 fashion trend for tall women.
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How to Wear a Jumpsuit with Style

This spring, there’s one fashion trend we are ready to truly jump on: the jumpsuit! Jumpsuits for tall women have become very popular in recent years, and we believe they’re up there with skirts and dresses as a perfect wardrobe item for spring. They’re practical, stylish and comfortable.

Not sure how to wear a jumpsuit? You’re not alone. For many women who haven’t embraced the jumpsuit trend, you may be wondering how to find the right jumpsuit for your body type and style. With many different cuts, colors, and fabrics available, the selection of jumpsuits may feel overwhelming.

But whether you’re a jumpsuit newbie or a pro, here are six tips that will help you find the perfect jumpsuit this spring:

1. Assess Your Fashion Needs

First, consider your fashion needs based on your personal tastes and your lifestyle. Do you spend more time indoors or outside? Are you mostly a city dweller or do you prefer to spend time adventuring in nature? When you’re with your squad, is it a girls’ night out or a night in? How often do you need to dress up for work or other professional events?

Depending on these factors, there’s a jumpsuit for you! You’ll find jumpsuits for tall women in luxurious materials like silk as well as more durable fabrics like denim, and everything in between. So when you’re thinking about how to wear a jumpsuit, shop for styles that suit your life.

2. Choose The Right Cut

Next, shop for the right cut. Jumpsuits are available in a wide variety of styles, from sleeveless to long sleeves, v-neck to turtleneck, zippers to buttons and more. Some jumpsuits are also loose and flowing while others are form-fitting.

Depending on your body type, for the tall squad we usually recommend jumpsuits with wide legs that finish just above the ground. These jumpsuits for tall women will create a sleek look that balances out your proportions.

3. To Belt or Not to Belt?

To belt, or not to belt? When it comes to how to wear jumpsuits, that is the question! Many jumpsuits include belts as part of their design, often tying at the front and mimicking the classic crop top look. Other jumpsuits include loops for providing your own statement belt.

Whether they’re part of the jumpsuit or an addition to the outfit, we love belts with jumpsuits because they can create a flattering waistline and provide visual flair. With the right belt, jumpsuits for tall women can be elevated from an everyday wardrobe item to an outfit that really shines.

4. Accessorize

After you’ve considered fabric type, cut, color and belts (or no belts!), it’s time to accessorize your jumpsuit. Our favorite accessory items for jumpsuits include scarves, hats, handbags, and jewelry. Necklaces are a great choice, along with bracelets or bangles.

We like to create contrast with accessories to unify an outfit and balance it. For example, we might pair a tighter jumpsuit with big, chunky statement necklaces and bangles, while a looser jumpsuit may look better with subtle pieces. If your jumpsuit is a solid neutral color, it’s the perfect backdrop to show off a little bling.

5. Layer Up

Jumpsuits for tall women are an amazing opportunity to explore layering. Get creative! If your jumpsuit has a low neckline and no sleeves, consider wearing a vintage t-shirt underneath or treat it more like overalls and wear a chambray blouse. Jumpsuits also look amazing with different jackets and blazers.

One of our favorite tips for how to wear jumpsuits is to pick a solid, neutral colored jumpsuit and layer it with a chunky vintage cardigan or a colorful, patterned jacket. The neat, unified look of the jumpsuit will contrast very nicely with the outerwear piece.

6. Select Complimentary Footwear

Finally, it’s time to consider footwear! Once again, we love to create balance here. Our favorite look is a wide-legged jumpsuit with heels or tall ankle boots. The contrast between flowing fabric and sleek shoes will contribute to a stylish, ultra-modern look. Alternately, a jumpsuit with more form-fitting legs will pair well with flats and sneakers.

The right jumpsuit depends on your lifestyle, personal style, and body shape.

Regardless of the footwear you choose, jumpsuits offer many opportunities for the tall and curvy fashionista to play with color, cut and style. At Alloy, we believe the best way to wear a jumpsuit for tall and curvy ladies is to choose a piece you truly love that makes you feel confident and sexy. The jumpsuit trend is here to stay!

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