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Stand Tall: February Winner

Congratulations to Nakea Glenn, our February winner of the #StandTall Contest! Nakea was nominated by her daughter, who says she has devoted her time to provide for her children and give back to her community. Nakea is a great representation of what our stand tall contest is all about. Read what her daughter had to say about her…

“Not only is she my mom, but she’s also my best friend. I nominate Nakea Glenn because she’s inspired me to be the young lady I am to this very day. When I was younger, I always mentioned I wanted to be just like her. Her response to that was to tell me to be a better person than she is! My mom has put her life on hold on for my brother and me to raise with care, love and affection. We owe her a lot due to her hard work and dedication as she quit school and her job in order to raise us. She is a very strong, wise, fabulous and phenomenal woman. She is very fierce, alluring, and tall. Whenever my mom and I hangout people think we we are sisters! It’s amazing to have your mom as your mother, your best friend, and a sister all in one. She is one of kind and deserves a trophy, if not the world. One thing about my mom that I love the most is that she’s an empath. She truly has a heart of gold, having helped and saved the lives of many strangers. She always gives back to the community and charity, she visits the nursing home, and gives motivational speeches for kids in foster care and orphanages. She has been a foster parent to kids and teens who were in need of a home, home schools local neighborhood children, and provides community service opportunities for high school students.  My mom, Nakea, has done so many great things in her lifetime. I believe she deserves to be recognized! Thank you Alloy for allowing me share my mom’s story.”

Thanks for showing all of us what it means to stand tall, Nakea! You are truly appreciated for everything that you do… Nominate a phenomenal tall woman in your life HERE.

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