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Stand Tall: December Winner

Congratulations to Tiffany, our December winner of the #StandTall Contest! Tiffany was nominated by her mother, who says she has faced a major obstacle in her life and is determined to give back to people through her work in the medical field. Read what her mom had to say about her below!

“My daughter, Tiffany Tweed, has inspired my life since the day she was born back in April 1985.  She has gone through many trials and tribulations in her life. She was pronounced deceased back in 1985 4 times due to electrolyte depletion from a bowel blockage.  

As a senior in high school she experienced a basketball injury where she was facing possible amputation of both feet.  She was diagnosed with AVN – avascular necrosis from the injury. She overcame that disease with assistance of an awesome doctor in Atlanta, Georgia at the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Scottish Rite’s.

As an adult, she went on in the medical field determined to give back to people showing tons of compassion and drive to overcome and give back.  She graduated in 2016 with her PharmD degree from Wingate University.

She currently works at Catawba Medical Center located in Hickory, NC as a Pharmacist.  She is very involved in the battle of the “opiod crisis” in the US. She teaches medical staff, local Sheriff’s Departments and her community in how to  be aware of the local epidemic.

She makes her Momma proud in many ways.  She is 6’4″ and compassionate in everything she does. She experienced a homeless situation during her college years.  She refuses to give up, gives back to others that are the less fortunate and remains positive in her her daily life.

She has been such a positive role model for “Tall Women” and showing that anything is possible with a positive attitude, remaining focused, inspiring others around her.

She makes her Mother proud!”

Your strength, positivity, determination, and compassion truly represents what Standing Tall is, Tiffany! Thanks for encouraging all of us. You are appreciated for everything that you do…

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