12 Tall Girl Struggles

Growing up tall has its pros and cons. We get to have the best view at concerts. We always stand out in a crowd (literally). Not to mention, research shows on average tall women earn more money (read here). These long legs come with a fair share of struggles too. Here are a 11 things every Tall Woman can relate to.


Always being able to find your friends in large crowds:




People constantly asking you to grab things they can’t reach:




When a short guy tries to hit on you:




Feeling like a giraffe when you stand up on a plane:




When you have to ride in a small car:




When you find the cutest outfit but it doesn’t fit your long limbs: (Thank God there’s Alloy Apparel)




You dream about marrying a basketball player:




Always getting stuck in the back of group photos:




Strangers are always making comments about how tall you are:




No one can keep up with how fast you walk:




The stares you get when you wear heels in public





When you see a cute guy online and his height is in his bio:




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