What's the best dress length for you? Yep - all of them.
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The Tall Girl’s Guide to Dress Shopping

Tall babes have the privilege of looking amazing in almost any kind of dress. That’s why the maxi dress trend that’s been sweeping runways for the past few seasons has us beyond excited. With your long legs, you’ve got plenty of room for all that fabric, making for elegant silhouettes and striking styles.

But every woman needs options when it comes to the dresses in her closet. Variety isn’t just great for fashion, but for functionality too. The hip-hugging, open-back dress you rock at the club might not be the best option for a Monday morning meeting at the office… Plus, you need dresses that fit your proportions and flatter your frame.

So we’ve done the hard work for you by putting together a shopping guide to dresses for tall women. Scroll down for the tips!

Dresses 101: Dress Lengths

One of the biggest dress features to fluctuate as styles change over the decades is dress length. And even though most of us can’t remember a time when short dresses and skirts weren’t acceptable, there’s still a lot of variety when it comes to what’s popular.

The good news? You can wear pretty much whatever style – and length – makes you feel confident.

But what are your options? Below, we’ll break down everything you need to know about shopping for every kind of dress length.

Maxi– The maxi dress is pretty much what it sounds like – a dress made for maximum length. Maxi dresses for tall ladies tend to reach the bottom of your ankle (and sometimes even the floor). Yep, these dresses are practically made for tall girls.

Tall maxi dresses can be so flattering for a tall frame, and depending on the style and pattern, they can be super versatile. Light fabrics and floral patterns are great for warm weather and can even be worn over swimwear, especially wrap-front dresses. Long sleeves, dark florals, and heavier fabrics, on the other hand, will keep your long legs warm during cold months.

Even though tall babes look amazing in maxi dresses, you’ll still want to consider the length and color for your own personal style. Dark or monochromatic dresses will create a bold look, so be ready to turn heads.

Consider whether you want your feet to show below the hem, too. Tall maxi dresses that reach all the way to the floor may look more formal than you want, and will hide whatever shoe choice you’ve made.

Midi– The midi dress has become more and more popular lately. Typically falling between the knee and the ankle, midi dresses offer a classy look that can be dressed up or down depending on the fabric. Midi dresses also offer tons of options for shape and silhouette, ranging from vintage A-line to more flowy shapes.

Midi dresses are great options for tall women because they reveal just enough leg to show off, without overwhelming your frame. And because they come in so many styles – including floral wrap dresses, stripes, and more formal materials – they can work for all kinds of occasions.

You can wear midi dresses in many of the same ways you can wear tall maxi dresses, but with the option of showing off some trendy shoe choices like ankle boots, mules, and sandals. Depending on the fabric, midi dresses are also great for layering over T-shirts or turtlenecks during transitional months.

For the most flattering fit, look for midi dresses with hemlines that fall at the narrowest part of your leg (usually just below the calf).

Knee-Length- A popular length for office wear or formal wear, this length can be both sexy and casual depending on the material and cut.

Form-fitting knee-length dresses in monochrome or neutral colors can make great workwear when paired with blazers and pumps. But in brighter colors, fun patterns, or more revealing cuts, knee-length dresses can also be super flattering for dates and going out. A-line or more flowy cuts can make for more casual (and modest) day wear – perfect for family time, work social events, and warm weather.

Mini- Okay, so it’s pretty obvious that mini-length dresses have more limited functionality. You definitely want to keep mini dresses outside the office!

Still, this is such a beloved style for tall women who love to show off their legs. Typically falling around mid-thigh, this length isn’t for the faint-hearted. But worn with confidence, the mini dress can be a total statement dress for tall women.

Great for nightwear, beach wear, casual day wear, and even layering with tights or leggings, there are so many adorable fall, spring, and summer dresses that fall above the knee. Look for floral sundresses, corduroy in deep hues, and even denim for a nineties throwback look.

Just be sure you’re shopping in tall women’s clothing sections. Mini dresses made for shorter frames will probably reveal a little more than you want, no matter how confident you are!

Dress Trends We Love Right Now

There’s a popular skirt trend you can definitely mimic with dresses: the pencil skirt. Create the illusion of a pencil skirt by wearing tight-fitting dresses with knee-length hems. Throw on a cropped sweater, jacket, or statement belt to break up the piece and show off this adorable trend.

The wrap-dress trend is also a winner, especially for warmer weather. For maximum comfort and tall girl style, try wrap-front maxi dresses for tall ladies.

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