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Six Style Tips on How to Wear Printed Dress Pants

We love printed pants! This recent trend is one of our favorites for tall women’s fashion. Whether the style is bright bold colors, intricate patterns, or classics like leopard print, printed pants add flare and originality to any look. Printed dress pants also tend to be made of comfier material than traditional pants, which is always a big plus.  

Unfortunately, some tall women and plus-size women shy away from wearing prints on their lower body because they’re worried the patterns will make them look bigger than they actually are. Others stick to solid colors because they think prints will emphasize their curves in an unflattering way.

At Alloy, we only have one “rule” for tall women’s fashion: you do you, babe! So if you’re looking to spice up your wardrobe with some quirky leggings or wear some printed dress pants at the office, we say do it.

Here are six of our favorite style tips on how to wear printed pants:

Tip #1: Get the Right Fit

As always, when you’re shopping for tall women’s fashion or fashion for curvy women, it’s important to get your sizing right. Printed pants are often designed to be slightly looser than regular pants or jeans. You may even see them marketed as “harem pants” or “lounge pants.”

If you don’t have the right fit, they can end up looking too baggy or even be mistaken for pajamas! We fully support wearing pajama pants, of course, but they’re better suited for a Netflix marathon with your besties. If you’re buying printed dress pants to wear for more official occasions, always make sure that your pants still fit properly around the waist and hips, even if they have a looser cut for the legs.

Tip #2: Match According to Color & Pattern

One of the best things about printed pants is the variety. Whether you love to glam it up or prefer an earthy BoHo look, you can find tons of prints to match your personal style. There’s endless ways to mix and match your outfits, but don’t get intimidated! Keep it simple.

Pair your printed pants with a solid-colored shirt or color blocked top that won’t draw too much focus. If your pants feature a busy, brightly colored pattern, choose darker colors or earthtones for your tops. Likewise, if your pants are a simple pattern in black and white, gray or navy, compliment them with a bolder colored top.

Tip #3: Accessorize with Statement Necklaces or Scarves

The key to any killer look is balance. We believe no tall women’s fashion collection is complete without a few statement necklaces and cute scarves, which help draw the eye to your face and create playful contrast. Accessories can often make the difference between “a stylish outfit” and “just some clothes you’re wearing.”

Necklaces and scarves tend to play very well off printed pants. Select pieces that match the colors in your pants, then tie the two together with a neutral, solid-colored top. Accessories are also very useful for dressing down or dressing up to meet your fashion needs for different occasions.

Tip #4: Create Cute Outfits with Boxy Crop Tops

Printed pants often have higher waists than other pants. This makes them the perfect bottom for one of our favorite casual styles. Pair your printed pants with a boxy crop top and sneakers for a playful alternative to the classic jeans and t-shirt look.

With a shorter top, you can also accessorize with a belt! This will create a more streamlined silhouette while emphasizing your gorgeous long legs and curves. You’ll appear sophisticated yet laid back. It’s the perfect look for a relaxed Sunday brunch or just running errands.

Tip #5: Pair Leggings with Baggy Tops

Not all printed dress pants need to be loose. Isn’t it glorious to live in an era where leggings are no longer confined to the gym or the yoga studio? Leggings also come in a huge variety of prints, from crazy and colorful to sleek and stylish. These versatile stretchy pants are a staple of tall women’s fashion.

For a super cute look, pair printed leggings with long sweaters and baggy tops. Mix and match colors as described in our second tip, add some accessories, and voila. You’ve created an outfit that’s comfortable, practical, and stylish.

Tip #6: Choose the Right Shoes

Finally, consider your footwear. Choosing the right shoes to fit your printed pants is essential. As always, it’s a question of balance — and a question of what you want to really emphasize in your outfit. You don’t want your shoes and your pants to compete for attention.

When selecting shoes to go with printed pants, choose neutral colors or match your shoes to your solid-colored top or outerwear. If you’re wearing loose pants, opt for shoes with a low ankle such as flats or Oxfords. Leggings, on the other hand, can look amazing with taller boots or heels.

Pick Some Prints and Have Fun!

When you’re shopping for printed dress pants or any tall women’s fashion, just remember to have fun and express yourself. At the end of the day, the best fashion accessory is confidence (and a smile!) so wear what makes you feel most comfortable.

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