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Stand Tall Contest: October Winner

Congratulations to Mary (@my_calmcrazyhecticmom_life) our first #StandTall contest winner. Mary was nominated by her friend Tara due to her selflessness. Read what her friend Tara said about her below…

“@my_calmcrazyhecticmom_life deserves this SO MUCH. She’s a single mother of four children, including one with autism. She works, she has spent 24 hours in a row at work to make extra money for her family, gets them to school, gets them to scouts, takes them camping, keeps them in church, takes them to their doctor appointments, stays active in ministry, keeps in touch with her friends, helps her family, (including a football team worth of nieces and nephews). She gave MY kids a Christmas when I had nothing, gave me a home when I was homeless, has stayed my biggest fan for seven years, has never put herself before anyone, donated clothes when she’s worn all of hers to the ground, and rarely buys anything for herself. She does it all by herself, only thinking of her kids and others. She inspires me constantly. She TRULY deserves something like this for herself.”


We asked Mary what she plans to do with her check of $250. She said, “As a mom of four I always put my kids needs first, with this spree I plan to take some precious time for myself to enjoy new outfits, which lead to new opportunities.”


Thank you for all your hard work Mary! You are appreciated for everything that you do…


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