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New Year, New You! Alloy Apparel Workout Guide

It’s officially 2018! This year our New Years Resolution is to finally get a consistent workout routine going. To motivate ourselves, we watched the most recent Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and we’re feeling INSPIRED! It’s always great to see other tall women looking confident in their own shoes and strutting down the runway. We’re taking some Tall Girl Tips from the VS Angels themselves on full body toning exercises. Here are a few of their favorite workouts. All of these workouts can be done at home, no gym or additional workout equipment required!


Booty Workouts – 12 on each side x 3 sets

Tip: Add ankle weights to make these workouts more intense

-Fire Hydrants

-Donkey Kicks

-Donkey Leg Raises


-Bridge Leg Raises

Click here for some more booty burning workouts!!


Ab Workouts

-1 Minute Plank

-1 Minute Side Plank (Each side)

-1 Minute Twisting Planks x3

-15 Roll Ups x3

-1 Minute Russian Twists x3 (Add a Medicine Ball or Weight for more intensity)


Arm Workouts – 3 sets of each

-15 Half Cobra Push ups (Hold the last one for 10 seconds)

-12 Triceps Push ups

-1 Minute Reverse Plank


Click here for more at home workout videos!



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