No matter what kind of date you're on, getting dressed for it should be fun, not stressful.

Date Night: Four Outfits for Four Kinds of Dates

Is there anything more exciting than date night? Whether you’re going on your first date or you and your boo have been together for years, getting dressed up and going out is always a great way to inspire all kinds of romance! And in an increasingly crazy world, we could all use a little romance …

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When upgrading your work workdrobe, you'll want to consider style, quality, and professionalism.

Five Ways to Update Your Wardrobe from Tall Girl to Tall Lady

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you’ve got to update your wardrobe. Maybe you’ve finished school, received a new promotion at work, or just moved to a new city for a fresh start. Whatever the reason, it’s time to step into your power and start dressing like the boss you are! So how …

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Sometimes you have to break the rules to express yourself when it comes to plus size fashion.
Fashion Trends

How to Break Your Least Favorite Fashion Rules: Curvy Edition

In Part 2 of our series on breaking your least favorite fashion “rules,” we’re taking on curvy fashion. With the explosion of head-turning plus size fashion and body positivity in recent years, the good news is that the fashion scene for curvy babes has never looked better. But there’s always progress to be made, especially …

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When you're tall, shopping isn't always as simple as picking out what looks good on the hanger.
#TallGirlProblems Fashion

What to Wear if You’re Tall: The Fashion Rules Every Tall Girl Needs to Know

Shopping as a tall girl can feel like a never-ending battle with sleeves, pants, and waist measurements that just won’t go the distance for you. It doesn’t help that fashion “rules” can feel super binding, catching you in the impossible position of trying to fit your gorgeous height into one-size-fits-all clothing AND expectations. Finding quality, …

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Animal print has been all the rage this fall and winter, as fashionistas swap it in for neutrals to be paired with solid-color sweaters and coats.
Fashion Trends

Winter Fashion: How to Wear Animal Prints

Your fashion choices are a great way to unleash your wild side — and this winter, animal prints are in! Whether you’re feeling like a fierce tiger mama or a mystical unicorn babe, let your spirit animal come out to play with tall women’s apparel in bold patterns inspired by nature. We want to hear …

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