Animal print has been all the rage this fall and winter, as fashionistas swap it in for neutrals to be paired with solid-color sweaters and coats.
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Winter Fashion: How to Wear Animal Prints

Your fashion choices are a great way to unleash your wild side — and this winter, animal prints are in! Whether you’re feeling like a fierce tiger mama or a mystical unicorn babe, let your spirit animal come out to play with tall women’s apparel in bold patterns inspired by nature. We want to hear you roar.

If you’re wary of animal prints, you’re not alone. Many women feel like they can’t pull off animal print patterns, especially with tall women’s apparel like skinny jeans for tall ladies. They may be concerned about looking tacky or unprofessional. But no matter what your style, there’s an animal print for you.

Here are some winter fashion tips for wearing animal prints:

Pick the Right Print For You

First, consider your overall taste in fashion. Do you create a more casual look, with vintage tees and skinny jeans for tall ladies? Do you prefer dresses and skirts? Or are you somewhere in the middle? Choose an animal print based on your lifestyle and make it your own!

Prints with “tighter” patterns, like cheetah and leopard print, evoke a more dynamic style and a bold flair. Zebra and tiger stripes, meanwhile, suggest a more relaxed attitude. It’s also important to think about the colors, patterns, and designs you like. Pick a signature animal print that’s compatible with the style of your entire wardrobe.

Start Small with Accessories

If you’re not used to wearing animal prints, or if you’re not sure which prints are right for you, start small. Accessories like scarves, hats, belts, and handbags are excellent ways to introduce a new element to your style. You can experiment with different accessories to create different looks.

Choose High-Quality Fashion

When it comes to wearing animal prints, one of the biggest mistakes we see ladies make is choosing poor quality items. Although quality is important to all aspects of tall women’s apparel, it’s vital to animal prints. Often, poor quality is what gives animal print patterns such a bad reputation.

When an item is made with cheap fabric or a bad cut, animal prints tend to look cheesy or badly out-of-date. Whether you’re buying accessories, tops, skirts and dresses, or skinny jeans for tall ladies, invest in higher quality items that will look great and really last.

Pair with Simple Dark Colors…

We love to pair animal print patterns with dark colors. When you wear a flirty cheetah print or a classic zebra stripe with simple blacks and greys, the animal prints will really pop!

By wearing a bold animal print as a top, a skirt or jeans, or as an accessory, you can draw the eye to specific areas and create a more streamlined silhouette. When you contrast animal prints with muted colors on simple outfits, you’ll look sophisticated and timeless.

…Or Go Big and Bold

On the other hand, sometimes you gotta go big or go home! Nothing makes a statement quite like animal print patterns. When you combine animal prints with bright colors and other patterns, it shows off your creative side and adds a fun, fabulous flair to all your tall women’s apparel.

We love to pair animal print tops with solid-colored pants or skirts. Red and blue are popular choices because they’re bright, expressive and versatile.

Leather Leads to a Classic Look

Finally, nothing complements animal prints like leather. A cheetah print top, black skinny jeans for tall ladies, and a black leather jacket is one of our all-time favorite outfits! The sleek, soft leather will balance out the complexity of the animal print, creating a look that combines the best of both worlds.

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